Brunonia Barry

I feel compelled to write about Brunonia Barry, the author of The Lace Reader and two subsequent novels.  I read The Lace Reader years ago and enjoyed it very much.  But that’s not the reason for the compulsion.  I met a man who told me he worked in marketing for Harper Collins and some other publishers, marketing various authors.  “The most famous author,” he said, “was Brunonia Barry.”  Because I recognized the name, I was impressed, but didn’t think any more about it.

The very next day I had an e-mail from Goodreads with a letter to readers from Brunonia Barry.  I love coincidence, so wanted to write this short post to publicize Barry and her books.






About Sally Hobart Alexander

Blinded at the age of twenty-six, I left California and elementary school teaching for life in Pittsburgh, Pa. There, I met my husband, got a Masters' degree in social work, had two kids, now 35 and 32, and became a writer. Surprisingly, the writing career led me full-circle to teaching, and I teach in Chatham University's M.F.A. program and lead two writing critique groups. Always, since the age of 26, I have traveled, not in the stereotypic darkness attributed to blindness, but a mist. My blog then, "traveling through the mist" will deal with issues in my culturally different life as a blind writer, teacher, speaker, and human being.
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