New Instagram Star

Having a guide dog can be bad for the ego. He gets all the attention. Really! Passersby call, “You are so beautiful” or “Aren’t you magnificent!”

There was an incident many years ago when I deluded myself, thinking the man coming toward me, saying, “You are just gorgeous” was addressing me.

“Thank you,” I replied, beaming.

“Oh,” said he, “I was talking to your dog.”

Big wake-up call. For 40 years I’ve been resigned to living in my dog’s shadow. Resigned isn’t the equivalent of reconciled, of course, and I still experience painful reminders.

During a recent visit with my brother, I met his countless friends and later asked, “So were your friends impressed with your astounding sister and brother-in-law?”

“No,” he said. “They only talked about Dave!”

And I have to admit that Dave’s many assets show themselves to me again and again, especially his crazy, beautiful nature. So, I’m taking advantage of his charisma and launching an Instagram page, @DavetheGuideDog.

Since I’m about 40% competent using Facebook, WordPress, and the iPhone, this is no small undertaking. Truly, there must be better uses of my time, children to tutor, hungry to feed. But I’m breathing deeply and trying to keep up with the sighties in the world who do all this digital stuff with aplomb. And so far, it’s been fun.


About Sally Hobart Alexander

Blinded at the age of twenty-six, I left California and elementary school teaching for life in Pittsburgh, Pa. There, I met my husband, got a Masters' degree in social work, had two kids, now 35 and 32, and became a writer. Surprisingly, the writing career led me full-circle to teaching, and I teach in Chatham University's M.F.A. program and lead two writing critique groups. Always, since the age of 26, I have traveled, not in the stereotypic darkness attributed to blindness, but a mist. My blog then, "traveling through the mist" will deal with issues in my culturally different life as a blind writer, teacher, speaker, and human being.
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1 Response to New Instagram Star

  1. Kelly says:

    Sally, you are gorgeous!…and so is Dave.

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