People always ask to pat my dog, Flossie. Unfortunately, I have to say no, because in her harness, she is working. Still, I hate to deny them the pleasure of patting and romping with such a silly dog, so I suggest they come to our home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I’ll remove her harness and allow patting — ceaselessly. Of course, it’s impossible for all who want to pat Flossie to come to my home, so I invite you into my website instead. There will be a lot less dog hair to deal with!
Sally and Flossy

2 Responses to About

  1. Patricia Peterson says:

    Ms. Alexander, do you do school visits? We are located in Pittsburgh.

    • Dear Ms. Peterson,
      Yes–often. I have a few more days scheduled this month and a couple in October, but have many openings. I don’t recognize the school district, but it’s convenient to know you’re in Pittsburgh. I look forward to hearing from you.
      All best wishes,

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