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Blinded at the age of twenty-six, I left California and elementary school teaching for life in Pittsburgh, Pa. There, I met my husband, got a Masters' degree in social work, had two kids, now 35 and 32, and became a writer. Surprisingly, the writing career led me full-circle to teaching, and I teach in Chatham University's M.F.A. program and lead two writing critique groups. Always, since the age of 26, I have traveled, not in the stereotypic darkness attributed to blindness, but a mist. My blog then, "traveling through the mist" will deal with issues in my culturally different life as a blind writer, teacher, speaker, and human being.

Delayed Post

    As you can see I haven’t posted in nearly two months. My husband and I have been helping our daughter and son-in-law with our grandkids in Philadelphia. Our daughter has been suffering again with endometriosis, a very common … Continue reading

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Query letter ideas

    I’m about to write a query for a manuscript I’ve just finished, so began to look for articles on synopses.  I came across Lisa Katzenberger’s 4-point consideration before entering a pitch session.  Since so much of queries, synopses, … Continue reading

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Details in our Writing: How Many?

One of the biggest challenges for me and my students is how much detail to include in our work.  Always we hear the phrase, “show, don’t tell.”  Writing texts stress specifics—details, details, details.  But finding the balance between “show, don’t … Continue reading

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Gathering Ideas and Revising our Work

I cannot recommend enough the Ted Kooser The Poetry Home Repair Manual: Practical Adice for Beginning Poets.  So far as I’ve read, it could be called simply The Handbook on Writing.  In the early pages he talks about getting ideas … Continue reading

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Digital Frustrations and Triumphs

My smart phone has been making me feel dumb again—which is especially bad because my laptop has been mocking me for a month, ever since I installed an update to my screen reader.  (Beware of JAWS 18, blind friends.)  JAWS … Continue reading

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Character Development…again

    One of the most overused phrases in texts on writing is “Show, don’t tell.”  Another, equally repeated, is “what does your protagonist want?” Character desire is so paramount to the story, yet it is no small thing to … Continue reading

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Considering the Perspective of both the author and the character

As I work with students and encourage them to add specific setting details, I’m reminded of my early days of publishing.  I’d sold two picture books and the photo-essay for older readers and decided to try my hand at a … Continue reading

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